MOT Test Lanes

A Boston MOT test lane is a solid investment for the future of your business. We understand that our customers need reliable, high quality garage equipment that is built to last, boosting your productivity.

MOT Test Lanes

When installing a vehicle test lane there are many factors to take into consideration, from equipment selection, to planning, paperwork and legal requirements. Boston has extensive expertise and experience in the planning and installation of test lanes and can guide you through the whole process.

We have a range of MOT and ATL packages to suit every workshop. Our services include free site assessments, detailed CAD plans, assistance with DVSA applications and much more. For more information please see our Planning & Installation page.

A Boston test lane is a solid investment for the future of your business. We understand that our customers need reliable, high quality equipment that is built to last and boosts productivity. That’s why we invest heavily in research and development; we manufacture in the UK wherever possible and integrate the latest technology into our equipment. With over 35 years of experience, we currently have more than 4000 premises entrusting us with their workshop needs.

The foundation of our success has been never to compromise, both in the standard of our equipment and our aftercare. This philosophy has secured us a solid reputation of which we are proud and we are regarded as the benchmark for customer satisfaction within the industry.

MOT Bays - Sample Plans

Boston is used to dealing with workshops of all shapes and sizes, and with varying degrees of complexity. Below you will find sample plans for general MOT bay layouts with some of the most common configurations. If you would like to discuss your project or just need some advice, then please contact us - our sales team are always happy to help.

Class 2 Packages  
MOT Bay Sample LayoutsDownload213k
Vehicle Lift Packages  
Recessed Mounted Class 1, 2 & 4 MOT Bay Sample LayoutDownload411k
Recessed Mounted Class 4 MOT Bay Sample LayoutDownload392k
Surface Mounted Class 4 Side by Side MOT Bay Sample LayoutDownload299k
Surface Mounted Class 7 Side by Side MOT Bay Sample LayoutDownload374k
Recess Mounted Class 7 MOT Bay Sample Layout - Minimum DimensionsDownload377k
Inspection Pit Packages  
Standard Inspection Pit Class 1, 2, 4 and 7 MOT Bay Sample LayoutDownload326k
Standard Inspection Pit Class 4 MOT Bay Sample Layout - Minimum DimensionsDownload291k
Alternative Layouts  
Recessed Mounted Class 7 with Second Class 4 Vehicle Lift, MOT Bay Sample LayoutDownload459k
Surface Mounted Class 7 with Class 1 and 2 MOT Bay Sample LayoutDownload422k


Useful DVSA Documents

If you are considering setting up an MOT Station or installing a new MOT test lane in the UK, you will find some useful links to the latest DVSA documents below.

Application for MOT Authorisation / Authorised Examiner StatusDownload2MB
The MOT Testing Guide:Download5.32MB
Requirements for authorisation as an Authorised ExaminerPages 40-61
Requirements for authorisation of a Vehicle Test Station (common to all Classes)Pages 62-69
Requirements for Authorisation Class 1 & 2Pages 70-73
Requirements for Authorisation Class 3 & 4Pages 74-85
Requirements for Authorisation Class 5Pages 86-92
Requirements for Authorisation Class 7Pages 93-99

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