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Boston launch RPM and Temperature EOBD interface

Boston garage Equipment has launched yet another 'first'. Their new EOBD-300 adaptor connects to the EOBD socket on the vehicle to measure the RPM and engine temperature direct from the ECU.

The EOBD-300 is connected to Boston's RMP and TEMPERATURE connectors at the base and is powered by the EOBD plug. The internal software automatically selects the same protocol as installed in the vehicle (J1850) and displays the correct RPM and TEMPERATURE on the LED display.

The EOBD-300 is the first tool of its kind in the UK market. It has the ability to determine the RPM from three different locations, the magnetic vibration sensor, the charge cycle at the battery and now also from the EOBD socket, there are no inaccuracies - the EOBD-300 is correct every time.

The entire system is wireless and enables RF transmission direct to either Boston's smoke meter or Gas Analyser.

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