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Underhand Tactics Used to Sell Unnecessary Smoke Meters

Reports have surfaced of some sales representatives wrongly informing MOT stations that they need to purchase replacement Smoke Meters before May 2018.

The unscrupulous tactics have come to light following DVSA announcements that all Smoke Meters and Gas Analysers used for MOT Testing will need updated software on or before May 20th 2018. The new software brings into force Euro 6 compatible emission standards for Smoke Meters and the new 19th Edition Gas Analyser vehicle database.

Whilst it is true that some existing diesel Smoke Meter units may need to be replaced, the vast majority can be updated meaning that new equipment is not required. The Garage Equipment Association (GEA) is aware of this matter after receiving complaints and welcomes information from any affected businesses.

Following these reports, we would like to confirm that ALL Boston Garage Equipment units currently in use can be updated on-site and there is no need to purchase new equipment. 

MOT premises using other brands should check directly with their equipment manufacturer to establish whether their Diesel Smoke Meter is capable of being updated. 

Exhaust Gas Analysers simply require a vehicle database update. All Boston models can be updated and it is expected that this will be the case for other brands, but again it is advisable to check with the manufacturer if you’re unsure.

In view of the early deadline and the potential for increased demand, we recommend that MOT stations check their position without delay and place orders soon for a new Smoke Meter if indeed necessary.

If you would like more information on Boston Smoke Meters or our wide range of professional garage equipment, call us 01708 525585 and ask to speak to Ross or Richard.

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